Some Reviews From Our Students

The AMI yoga affirmation during meditation practices "I will make someone happy today" is how I now live my life. I was a busy, workaholic professor looking forward to my retirement when life threw me a curveball with a positive cancer reading. Yes, I was devastated but came through it all with flying colours due to fantastic support from my friends, family etc plus the great training on yogic practices from AMI Yoga.  I was able to deal with this challenge with equanimity and resumed yoga class within 6 weeks of the surgery. Initially I was depressed as I could only do Pranayama but could practice all asanas within a years time. Also, I am back to being my original vivacious and energetic personality!!

Sunita Chiplonkar

I suffered from asthma for 12-13 years . They say asthma is an incurable disease for life. But in my case a miracle happened- I am completely cured of asthma! This motivated me to become a yoga teacher to help others which also built my confidence. I am now energetic, optimistic and radiating joy and help my friends in yoga practice thus spreading happiness all around me.

Sunita Patkar

I attended AMI Yoga classes for 7 months. My HB1AC level was at 11 and came down to 6.5 with yoga supported by diet and medication. Also, yoga practices  helped improve energy levels and better sleep.

Sudha Suresh

I suffered from spondylosis, migraine and  sinusitis. When I initially attended AMI-yoga classes , I could not even bend my head. With regular practice and motivation from teachers I am able to do all asanas. Doing 'sutra neti' Kriya (see my photo) has enabled total relief from Sinusitis. An additional bonus is the mental peace and happiness due to regular practice of yoga!

Monika Kapadia

I suffered from heavy menstruration with bodyache, acidity leading to lots of anxiety. I started practicing yoga with AMIyoga and got cured of all the problems. I recommend yoga to everyone as a holistic way to elevate your mental and physical health!
I must Thank AMI yoga for giving me a new beginning , The classes have been kept so interesting that I look forward to attending each session. The instructors are amazing and the course design is very nice to keep it different each session.
Ajit Raghavan
Each n every teacher is excellent. They are kind, patient n understanding n always there to solve Our doubts n also correct us when any asanas need correction. They are all very particular n watchful even though its an online session
Vikash Jagasia